I work  with movement, sound and and visual  expressions. 

Crocheting, flax and soundscapes have been my focus for some time. I have a Master of fine Arts, specialization in Textile, HDK, Steneby, Sweden. As always, I am looking for artistic collaborations, and new stories to be told.

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artist statement

My current work is about power structures, communication, movement and identity. I am inspired by nature’s design and its importance and impact on all living beings.

My transdisciplinary  artistic work is based on hand craft experience and an ongoing love story within the textile art field. I am driven by curiosity, and seek to enter new worlds. Those explorations often include motion, sound and visual expressions.

The explorations take place in different spaces. There I find new stories in various materials, and techniques.

I also work with  workshops and as a partner in artistic projects.

I enjoy cooperating with people who have entirely different qualifications or approaches to a shared issue. These opportunities are incredibly exciting!

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