crocheting & searching

I am looking for expressions dealing with the hand and body awareness and have therefore chosen crocheting.

The opportunity to work sculpturally in free crochet appeals to me. I crochet with my whole body and I work with the technique spatially.

The choice of crocheting has also to do with my thoughts on time. That the slow technique may take its place. Despite the fact that our society looks at time as something to be streamlined and optimized in all possible and impossible context. I see crochet as a tribute to the human right to be in phase with time in slowness and reflection.

For a while now I crochet an inner diary. Mood for the day, thoughts and bodily sensations interpreted in the rhythm, tension and the structure in the crocheted circle.

The circle represents one of the oldest symbols for human beings performing rites.I hold on to my crocheted work and time passes while I seek my own rhythm and new experiences through inner worlds. If I am lucky I might even understand a little bit more about the world we share.