Favela Vera Ortiz FVO is a finnish based choreographer who kindly invited me in several collaborations. Her artistry inspired me to believe in my capabilities in my own artistic journey.


La Chasse I

waiting. seeing. being. looking. thinking. escaping. trap. aim. hunting. hunted.

New choreography of the landscape of hunting.

This performance is related to the one seen last year in Melbourne at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery. Shown in the auditorium of Cité Internationale des Arts, a residency for artists in Paris 10/6  june 2016

Duration: 24 min

Choreographer: Favela Vera Ortiz

Dancers: Sanna From

Costume designer: Favela Vera Ortiz

Lighting designer: Favela Vera Ortiz

Music composed for the work: Berith Stennabb

Photos: To the left: Favela Vera Ortiz

First on the right: Kelly Russ. The rest on the right side: foto@Isis Gasparini



Choreography by Favela Vera Ortiz

Dance by Sara Gurevitsch

Sound by Berith Stennabb

Costume&Lights by Favela Vera Ortiz

Premiere at Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, Finland

Filmed 14th of August, 2015



CHOREOGRAPHY / Favela Vera Ortiz

DANCE / Tanja Illukka and Karolina Ginman

COSTUME / Favela Vera Ortiz

LIGHTS / Favela Vera Ortiz

SOUND / Berith Stennabb

Photo: Favela Vera Ortiz